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Which Gospel Do You Believe?

Among people who call themselves Bible-believing, born again Christians there are primarily two different salvation messages (gospels) that are proclaimed in our day. The FALSE gospel associated with eternal security (or once saved always saved) would have you believe that:
  • Salvation begins in a momentís time and is guaranteed to continue.
  • There is no salvation maintenance on manís part. God will keep you, hold you and has already sealed you by His Spirit at the point of salvation assuring an entrance into the kingdom of heaven.
  • Sin can never bring a Christian to his spiritual death, regardless what sin is committed or false doctrine is believed.
  • Eternal life is a gift that canít be lost or returned and a present tense possession for the Christian, guaranteeing an entrance into Godís kingdom.
  • Reaching heaven for the Christian is absolutely certain just as though he has already been in heaven for 10,000 years.
  • Some Christians are adulterers, drunkards, thieves, etc.

In contrast, the real gospel which rejects eternal security states that:

  • Salvation begins in a momentís time and continues on, but only as long as we follow Jesus. This implies the possibility that something can adversely interfere with it, as has happened in the lives of Solomon, Saul, Judas and many others.
  • After getting born again (initial salvation) there is salvation maintenance on manís part, which is under Biblical grace. If this is neglected, the Christian will inevitably drift away, turn lukewarm, grow unfruitful, become unloving and unforgiving as well as regress spiritually in other ways to the point that spiritual life is no longer present within his spirit. Man cooperates with God and enables Him to keep and hold us spiritually safe. Though God is sovereign, He will never violate manís free will, even if it is to manís detriment and damnation. Christians can put to death the misdeeds of the sinful nature (flesh) by the Spirit of God - never by their own ability or strength.
  • Sin can defile, corrupt, contaminate, soil and even bring the Christian to his spiritual death. The seal of the Holy Spirit can be broken. Consequently, we must be on our spiritual guard at all times, as we look to God for his strength and power. The Christian life is a war, fight and struggle against the deceiving forces of darkness and personal sin.
  • Eternal life is much more than just a gift and a present tense possession. It is also a hope (Titus 3:7) and promise (1 Jn. 2:24,25), yet to be reaped (Gal. 6:8,9), in the age to come (Mk. 10:30), but only for those who persist in doing good (Rom. 2:7) and who donít grow weary and give up sowing to please the Spirit of God and not the sinful nature (Gal. 6:8,9).
  • The only salvation assurance the Bible offers is a present tense salvation assurance for the person who is presently following Jesus and trusting in Him for his own personal salvation (1 Jn. 5:11-13). In other words, the faith needed to enter Godís paradise kingdom is a trusting, submitting and enduring faith. To enter Godís kingdom, we must endure hardships and persecutions as we continue to live holy as Jesusí disciples in this wicked and adulterous generation. Sadly, continuing in the faith and holiness has not always happened for others in times past.
  • It is impossible to be a Christian at the same time as being an adulterer, drunkard, thief, or such as is cited in 1 Cor. 6:9,10; Rev. 21:8; Eph. 5:5-7; Mk. 7:20-22. To teach that such is possible is to twist the holy image of being a Christian (a saint) into something which allows for wickedness. Eternal security is a DANGEROUS MYTH, which has many on the road to hell thinking they are on the road to heaven because they once had a moment of true faith which brought regeneration.

Eternal security is NOT the same as SAVED BY GRACE! Eternal security is NOT the same as ETERNAL SALVATION! The Bible does teach we are SAVED BY GRACE and there is ETERNAL SALVATION, but it categorically denies eternal security as defined as once a person becomes a child of God he will forever remain a child of God. Without question, that is merely man's theology - not God's, as cited in the Bible. Hence, ETERNAL SECURITY is a bogus religious concept. It has also been a DEADLY snare to many since the first and only eternal security message found in the Bible (Gen. 3:4). It was spoken by the devil himself as he LIED to Eve!

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  • In our APOSTATE DAY grace has been successfully changed into a license to sin by the eternal security teachers to the loss of MILLIONS OF SOULS. Now the proponents of eternal security think they are guaranteed a heavenly homecoming after their death, while they live UNHOLY lives here and now with little or NO concern of repenting! Because of the eternal security teachers, the godly image of a Christian has been so smeared and distorted it bears almost no resemblance to the Biblical one and allows for such! It is very common for Bible-believing people to think there are Christian adulterers, Christian drunks, Christian slanderers, etc. A very rude and harsh reality in eternal fire is awaiting the eternal security advocates described in 1 Cor. 6:9,10; Eph. 5:5-7 and Rev. 21:8. May God use this information to help them.


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